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Excellence In Diagnostic Medical Imaging Sales and Services

Orbit Medical Technologies is a professional sales and service provider for the health care sector. The company specializes in the sales, services, and refurbishment of diagnostic imaging systems, such as, Computed Tomography scanners (CT scanners), Magnetic Resonance Imaging systems (MRI), Catheterization and Angiography Suites, Mammography, Mobile X-rays, Radiography and Fluoroscopy equipment. All systems acquired by us are thoroughly tested by our highly skilled and experienced engineering team during the phases of removal from original locations and staging in our main facility. All systems are subjected to complete inspection. Any malfunctioning or defected parts are replaced and the functionality of the systems are restored to OEM standards. Orbit Medical Technologies policy is to assure the customers that all our sold medical imaging modalities are very reliable and will perform exactly as designed and expected to. All of these services are provided at very cost effective and competitive prices.


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